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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

More than an a Valauble Lesson in Blogging

Utilizing this blog has not only taught me more about the Internet and about writing, but it has opened my eyes to a career area in which I am genuinely interested. As demonstrated by my first blog post and the title of my blog, I had little aspiration to center my writing on women in sports. It was not until I covered Michelle Wie's attempt to play in a men's tournament, that I gained an interest in the treatment and coverage of female athletes. I have experienced an internal conflict when deciding a field that I would like to pursue after college. I have debated between the sports industry and human rights activism for a long period of time. Without having produced this blog, I would have never come to the realization that I can combine these interests into one career field. I believe that working with the Women's Sports Foundation would be a perfect fit for me. Not only will I feel that I am contributing to society, but I will be working in a field that I enjoy.

My greatest strength is this blog is my choice of covering issues that are often overlooked. I think that the topics that I chose to write about were original and fresh. As a female athlete, I never was aware of the discrimination that we face and I hope that this blog has given readers insight into this concern. Another aspect that I believe I have done well is the organization of my essays. Organization is often my biggest struggle when writing an essay, but when reading over my blog, I find to have done an exemplar job of structuring my arguments. If I had the chance to start this blog over again, I would not do things very differently. I would have liked to further examine the portrayal of female athletes in the media, specifically on the Internet. I think this is a field of study that needs to be undertaken. I also believe that I could have been more persuasive in my essays, urging readers to fervently agree with my stance, rather than informing them of the issues at hand. Although I do a good job explaining my theses, my argument seems to become lost in some of my essays. Even with the weaknesses that I have found in my essays, overall, I am impressed with my blog and I believe that the final product is worthy of being read.


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