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Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Future of Sports Journalism: Goodbye To Our Local Sports Anchors

Instead of creating a blog this week, I have decided to expand my horizons and see what my fellow bloggers are writing about sports. And after waking up at 2:30 am on Saturday to watch Lee, Kirk and Chris at ESPN’s College Gameday at the Coliseum, I have decided to focus my search on sports journalism. I have commented on two blogs that both refer to the findings of a study at the Center for Sports Journalism at Penn State. This study shows that sports directors, anchors and reporters feel that their segments on local news programs are losing importance and could eventually be cut. On the first blog on which I have commented, I have suggested an up-and-coming form of sports journalism. On the second blog, I have argued that local sports coverage will not save the sports segment of television news. While niche programming, like ESPN and CSTV, is the future of sports on television and is leaving the local station's sport segment in the dust, the Internet arguably serves as the best arena for sports journalism.


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